Using reclaimed materials is very good for the environment. We love the natural character and tone of reclaimed wood  too. It can be sourced from many different places often having an interesting story or history. 

We find the colour and grain of reclaimed wood often brings an extra warmth to a piece of furniture. It can be used to create interesting patterns and a contrast in texture when creating a design.

A range of other materials are found in reclamation yards; wrought iron, stained glass and stone. These are incorporated into a woodwork design and can create a stunning centrepiece to a room. 

We have two new pieces that use reclaimed materials.

First is the industrial style Pallet wood Singer table. With reclaimed pallet wood we have created a chevron design for the table top. The table frame is a rustically refurbished Singer sewing table frame. The frame has been extended using wooden blocks to enable it to support a larger table top. The end result is a pleasing combination of old and new design and a functional item.


Another item we have is the Govilon Coffee table. Solid and sturdy, this coffee table top is reclaimed wood finished in danish oil. The painted pine base provides a fresh look. You can choose the colour of the base to suit your existing decor.


If you have an idea for a bespoke piece of furniture, contact us for a personalised quote. We love to build new designs and especially using reclaimed materials.